How To See The Most Recent Followers Of An Instagram Account In 2023?

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In the past, it was easy to see the most recent followers of an Instagram account. However, Instagram made a change in June 2021 and now no longer shows the ordered list of most recent followers. This means that you could no longer see who the most recent people are who have followed someone.

In this blog post, I will discuss the different ways to see someone’s most recent followers on Instagram in 2023. I will also discuss the pros and cons of each method.

It is still possible in 2023 and we will show you how in a few basic steps!

Scroll down to find how to see the most recent followers in 2023.

It was possible in the past, but Instagram decided to no longer make it available by default for the following reasons.

  1. One reason is to protect users’ privacy. By not showing the most recent followers, Instagram makes it more difficult for people to track who is following them and who is not.
  2. The other reason is to improve the user experience. By showing a random list of followers, Instagram hopes to make it easier for users to find new content.

Who created Instagram?

Instagram was created in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. The app was originally called Burbn, but it was renamed Instagram in 2011.

Instagram quickly became popular, and it was acquired by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion.

When Instagram Removed the Possibility to See Someone’s Likes

Instagram removed the possibility to see likes of someone in July 2019.

This was done in an effort to reduce social pressure and make the platform more positive since before this change, users could see how many likes each of their posts had received.

This could lead to users feeling bad if their posts did not receive many likes, or feeling pressured to post content that they thought would get a lot of likes.

Here is how to see someone’s most recent following

Step 1: Turn off your wifi
Step 2: Make sure your device is not charging
Step 3: Close the Instagram App
Step 4: Wait 5 seconds
Step 5: Open the Instagram App
Step 6: Go to the person’s profile
Step 7: Click the “Followers” tab
Step 8: Refresh the list until you see the order change

Scroll down if you have mutual followers and see if the order changed.
If the list is still the same (by default it is unordered), go back to Step 8

It usually takes 30 seconds to a minute until you get to see the ordered list.

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